Being the Bride

It is your big day – perhaps you have been dreaming of it your whole life, or you didn’t expect that it would come – but now it’s time, your time, to celebrate the love you share with the person you will do life with.

Wedding Documentary and Story-Telling

Divine Details

You are planning every perfect detail, creating a day that will never be forgotten. Whether you are a lover of symbolism and your wedding details represent bits and pieces of your love, or you are excited to host your family and close friends and your wedding details make your day interactive – you are putting a lot of thought into it all.

The Man of Your Dreams

With your groom waiting for you at the altar (or oak tree, or haystack, or cliff’s edge – wherever you have chosen to meet on this day) you know that every moment will be special.

It’s finally time…

Surrounded by your loved ones – or the open air (if you’ve decided to elope instead) – Your heart will be racing with all there is to take in, and that’s where I come in….

K&A (by Vicky Bergallo)
K & A Studio

Named after my own, K&A Studio specializes in telling your love story. I love love, and celebrating those who share it! If you are an adventurous couple, with an appreciation for detail, fun, and creativity, then we are the perfect fit for you!

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