K&A (by Vicky Bergallo)
K&A Studio

Kayla & Akiva

I (Kayla) have been photographing weddings since 2013. Akiva and I got married in the December of 2019, and I finally got to be on the receiving end of wedding photos. It is as exciting as the actual wedding day to sit and go through each moment, especially when they have been beautifully captured.

Wedding Photography is where I get to do everything that I love – meet new people, learn about different cultures (the food is my favourite part always), and document love stories.


What is K’s favourite part of a wedding day?

“Those few moments just before the bride and groom get to see each other on their big day. No more planning, no more rushing around to get ready – just nervous breaths, excited squeals from bridesmaids, and a room full of guests waiting in anticipation.”

What does K do for fun?

“I love to read, go to gym, and travel. Eating is definitely high on the list as well.”

What is A’s favourite part of a wedding day?

“The moment it is declared, “you may now kiss the bride!”

The food is always pretty good too. And the dancing! The dancing is a lot of fun.”

What does A do for fun?

“Video games, paintball (did that for my bachelor party), exploring new restaurants, hanging out with close friends, and cooking up a storm!”

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